Experience Overview

Stratus Consult Limited is specialised in Business Planning & Development, Project Financing in Climate Change / Renewable Energy, Agriculture (value chain), Housing, Maritime & Transport and Water Division. 
Consultancy services to the Federal Ministry of Environment, Climate Change – Renewable Energy under private organ.
Consultancy Services for Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) BV – Ibaka Deepsea Port, Akwa Ibom State 
United Kingdom ‎- 2003-2008
Stratus Property Developers Ltd, specialised in property financing (mortgages) for UK residents and non residents liaising with Barclays International & Private Banking Knightbridge, London. 
Property Development Management (UK) 
Property Portfolio Developer – Commercial & Private (UK) 
Bridge Loans (UK) 
George Wimpy, North London 
Comer Homes (Uk) 
Preston Bennett (UK) 
Michael Stanley ‎(UK)