Carbon Sink Initiative Programs

Stratus Consult Limited carbon sink initiative will support governmental carbon reduction initiatives at Federal and State level collaborating with International and Local partners to help meet Nigeria’s voluntary climate change obligations to the Paris Agreement.

Our initiative introduces Carbon Reduction Programs to support the efforts of governments develop the framework for incentives to mandate and encourage (and individual) changes in environmental policies. These policies are manifested in their laws, legislative practices and enforcement methodologies. Currently legislative has focused on increasing energy resources and encouraging economic development, through exiting energy resources that has serve us abundantly over the years and easily exploitable. However, exploiting easily recoverable energy sources such as Coal Oil and Coal, often results in adverse environmental consequences such as pollution of the air and water.

We are experiencing these occurrences of events in Nigeria and it’s on the increase. The increase of Green House Gas (GHG) emission is on the up and needs to be cap. To achieve reducing GHG, both public and private sector will require new policies, strategies and innovative technologies that will bring about sustainable development in an environmental friendly manner, in infrastructure development, economic growth and land-use for rural community production.

“A carbon sink is a natural or artificial reservoir that accumulates and stores some carbon-containing chemical compound for an indefinite period. The process by which carbon sinks remove carbon dioxide (CO2) carbon monoxide (CO) methane (CH4) and other hazardous chemicals from the atmosphere is known as carbon sequestration” which can be achieved from forest conservation projects.