Waste Management

esToday, managing waste is a 55 billion dollar industry. In 2014 the Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMASON) state that Nigeria generates 65 million tons of garbage annually. While less than 2% gets recycled or composed. The remaining 98% of waste are thrown into garbage landfills, rapidly reaching their capacity. These figures did not include hazardous waste generated by industries. In the same year, WAMASON put the total hazardous waste generated per year at 2.6 million tons, including both medical and sewage wastes. Today those numbers has increased by 15% – 20% across the nation.
This problem has created big business and a massive investment opportunity, for managing waste. With the amount of trash growing steadily each year, and few new places to put it, Nigeria needs sophisticated solutions to handle our garbage wisely.
Our program initiative will address the waste management infrastructure that could recycle the 65 million tons of garbage annually in Nigeria by providing proper waste treatment and disposal approach that would protect the environment and mitigate the impact of Climate Change creating Wealth across the nation.

Stratus Waste Management and Biomass/Waste-to-Energy solutions
Our innovative methods will address inadequate waste management (collection & disposing of raw materials) concerns, residential and commercial – corporate and industrial waste is turns into resource recovery, establishing capacity building, electricity supply, and empowerment programs across operating locations.


Stratus waste management solutions will mitigate abandon waste, air pollution, in both surface and groundwater which prevents increase in water borne diseases and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Offering clean environmental friendly disposal system for:

  • Municipalities
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Construction of a waste management facility
  • Collection of all municipal solid waste (compact)
  • Landfill structural building
  • Rubber Waste
  • Wooden Railroad Splinters
  • Plastic Recycled Waste

Electricity generation to serve eligible customers using Off-the-grid and On-grid solutions.


energAlternative environmental friendly energy supply to:

  • Municipalities
  • Hospital
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Retail Complexes

Our initiative renders services for collection and disposing of municipal solid waste (MSW).
We construct modern waste management facilities for biomass/waste-to-energy operations. We design, install & build, own, operate, manage and transfer.
We will provide residential and commercial premises with customized bins and skip containers at strategic point within the municipalities with scheduled waste collection period all year round.
Our initiative will combat sanitation, waste management, resource recovery, waste to energy, to address climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and cutting the carbon footprint, and create business and investment opportunities, for managing waste in your State.
Stratus Consult Limited is here to create a healthy and environmental friendly environment and an ecosystem resource recovery for all.