Biomass Power Generation is the next phase for Clean Alternative Power Solutions (CAPS) in Nigeria, Africa. This can be achieved using Municipal Solid Waste from dumpsite, which currently is under managed by waste management authority due to various unforeseen challenges from the pass to the present. We see these wastes from dumpsite as the solution to biomass energy in Nigeria today.

Our solutions will address the dilapidated power sector by providing electricity supply to rural communities with hybrid biomass and solar off-the-grid solutions while mitigating municipal solid waste concerns in your state, town or local government.

Stratus Consult Limited is focused on utilizing the availability of waste as an alternative source of energy. The global demand to generate electricity in an environmental friendly manner has created the demand for renewable energy technology. Countries are adopting Solar, Wind, Hydrogen and Biomass Power, as alternative to fossil fuel.

Biomass Power

Electricity supply has been a major challenge for small and medium business to grow, due to the dilapidated state of our power supply for the pass two, three decades and needs urgent attention that will utilize modern technology for sustainable development in this sector. Our waste to energy technology is the solution to address inadequate electricity supply, across the nation.

Stratus is supporting government organs in ensuring the development biomass power for off-the-grid and on grid solutions for electricity supply for eligible customers in an environmental friendly manner.


Our waste to energy technology comes with renewable byproducts that will create employment opportunities for men, women and youths across operational base, as well as reducing hazardous gas emission, water quality/contamination, energy consumption, natural habitat degradation and bio-degradation.

Economic – Siting Resistance and Regulation; No one wants to live near landfill, and as regions urbanize, it is becoming more difficult to find land that is suitable for dumping and amenable to the surrounding population.

As we reduce waste problems, we will eradicate growing concerns of zero electricity in some communities and simultaneously address the reliance on fossil fuel oil & gas and coal generation plant (generators) in communities, and (Industrial Pollution is generally referred to the undesirable outcome when factories ‘or other industrial plants’ emits harmful by-products and waste into the environment such as emissions to air or water bodies ‘water pollution’, deposition on landfill etc ‘land pollution’ or emission of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere) industrial towns which is becoming more and more hazardous to the environment and cannot be sustained, as non-renewable energy source are showing signs of exhaustion and it is estimated that the coming decades will no longer be able to meet global growing demand off electricity using fossil fuel (Oil & Gas) and Environmental Protection Agencies set more sanctions on Coal, Oil & Gas producing companies.

Our method also addresses the matter of land and air pollution across rural and urban areas that would lead to a cleaner environment creating social and economic welfare in an environmentally acceptable way, balancing the concentration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted into the atmosphere and particularly those of the carbon dioxide (CO2). “Most of this air pollution we cause results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a good indicator of how much fossil fuel is burned and how much of other pollutants are emitted as a result”

More importantly, the growing concerns of decompose waste which produces methane (CH4), a potent GHG 25 times more damaging than CO2 is capped. Our unique system will elimination all municipal solid waste, while generating electricity in one motion as well as reduce dependency on fossil fuel. Our carbon neutral mechanism doesn’t produce carbon to generate power and addresses the treat of climate change damage to the environment. We will utilize abandon waste for economic growth across our operational base; producing renewable byproducts.

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